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Employees are often distracted at work, which prevents them from remaining focused on their productivity.

A survey from CareerBuilder showed that smartphones are the biggest distraction for employees; 55% of employees said they are routinely distracted by their phones.

There is actually a name for this cell phone addiction and it’s called nomophobia. If we are addicted to the alerts and messages our phone provide, it would make sense that it could be impacting our work.

If we assume a millennial spends one third of their day at work, they are receiving somewhere between 30-40 messages during a workday.

What is shocking about this number is that the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance found that the rate of errors made after hearing or feeling an alert on one’s phone was about the same as if they had actually answered the call or message.


Angela Delaney,
Director, Horizon Fire Alarm Systems

Mobile phones have been an increasing distraction to business for many years now. The impact on efficiency is evident. Time that cannot be reclaimed due to modern day information that is directly to hand. It is known that more and more people are becoming addicted to their mobile phones. When the phone pings or buzzes we have to look. The Phoneawaybox has enabled our company to eliminate such distractions from the office. It is a secure and efficient tool that has enabled our productivity and efficiency. A great piece of simple innovation. Delighted to have this wonderful product on board.